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The Equine Education Center is a unique and natural based training facility, a hybrid because we come from a performance background but our foundation and development program is rooted in partnership and natural horsemanship. Our goal is to maximize the possibilities for you and your horse.  

Marjorie Smith, the creator, main trainer, and manager of the facility, has a long history with horses. She was born into horses. Having been raised on a quarter horse breeding and boarding facility just outside of Annapolis, MD. She began showing when she was just two years old.  Her parents supported her showing  and career with horses.  She had many successful  years showing with various breed associations. She helped coach others up to the national level in the Arabian Horse Association. She owned and operated her own training facility in Virginia.  Then she seized the opportunity to train out in California and down in Florida before returning back to Maryland, where she  has moved her operation and concept. Jefferson, MD is now the home to her and her amazing horses. Her main focus above everything else is the horse. She strives to show people a better way to communicate with their horse. No matter what their end goal may be, she instills in them to take the time it takes to build that trust and confidence with the horse. The purpose goal is easy if you put time into the principle of training. 

Marjorie has studied with top professionals from all over the country. She has spent time as a student or working student with professionals such as Karen Rohlf (dressage naturally), the Parelli’s, Carol Coppinger, Dave Ellis, Martin Black and is constantly learning and attending different venues to stay fresh and focused with her horses.  She is a firm believer in education. She wishes to continue that belief and share with other like minded individuals the concepts and ideas she has learned along the way and to bring clinicians to the facility to help broaden those concepts and ideas.  

The Equine Education Center is available to horses in need of our services and to the people that want a strong relationship with their horses.  

Operating out of RT&3L Farm, the facility offers an 80 x 160 Indoor arena and an 60 x 200 Outdoor arena

Ride all year and learn in a pleasant environment. Both arenas have sand footing.

The facility offers 34 matted stalls, conditioned tack storage, feed and hay areas, and wash areas in each barn. 

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